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The Marvelous Mistress Margaret: Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox

My next public lecture.

Granddaughter of the first Tudor king, Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox, was at the center of the Tudor court through much of the 16th century.  In her own words, she was “imprisoned three times for love.”  Never a dynastic pawn, she was a dynastic victor when her grandson, King James VI of Scotland, also became King James I of England.  She dabbled in English, Scottish, and French politics, maneuvering herself and her family through multiple courts successfully if not always happily.  She was one of three prominent women contributors to The Devonshire Manuscript, a key primary source of the period.  She may be the most important Tudor you don’t know.

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Elizabeth I: Courts, Conspiracies, and Careys - Part 3

Thank you to everyone who has been attending this class at Renesan. On Monday March 19, we will have our final session. Starting with the Babington Plot, the troublesome Mary Queen of Scots and then working through to Elizabeth's death in 1603.

On the way, we will look at the 1588 victory over the Spanish Armada which proved once and for all that God was an Englishman. (S/he may still be English, but it takes on a different color in the 21st century.) Then rush headlong into conspiracies surrounding the succession, the Essex Rebellion, perhaps riot would be a better word, and speculate if the death of Katherine Carey Howard, Countess of Nottingham was really the cause of the queen's final decline.

The Armada Portrait

The Armada Portrait

Several people have asked for a reading list and some genealogical charts to help keep track of who's who. Fair enough! I will figure out something, but please be patient with me.

Hope to see you there!


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